•  Highly effective against viruses (including the Coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19), bacteria, spores, and fungi.

  •  It has been EU Certified and independently expert tested by HYGCEN Germany as effective against Coronavirus.

  •  Fast, Easy to use and store. Fast delivery

  •  Solution of Virol-Oxy® is non-irritant to skin and eyes

  •  Virol-Oxy® can replace all existing disinfectants. It’s fast acting. Works in minutes and leaves an active barrier that can last months.

  •  Suitable for all hard surfaces & equipment disinfection: doors, windows, knobs, benches, trolleys, floors, baths, sinks, complete kitchen    jars & tools, beds, bed sheets & more (1% solution)

  •  Raw meat, vegetables & fruits can be washed with a 0.5% solution

  •  It can be sprayed, swabbed, wiped, mopped, misted, fogged - extremely wide range of applications.

  •  Safe (no toxic vapor, no hypochlorite), convenient, easy-to-use & environmentally friendly

  •  Virol-Oxy® Ships in powder form and does therefore not involve shipping 99% water around, it's mix on site

  •  1kg is dissolved in 100L of normal water for use, providing 100L of highly effective 1% solution

  •  Highly-effective & advanced formulated surface disinfectant to sanitise your home or workplace from viruses like Coronavirus /    COVID-19 

  •  Virol-Oxy® Carries EU certification EN 14476 & EN 13727


Virol-Oxy 100g tub (10x 10g Sachets)

10g sachet - 1L @ 1.0% dilution = R69,90 per litre

10g sachet - 2l @ 0.5% dilution = R34,95 per litre


Virol-Oxy 30kg

3000L @  1.0% dilution = R33,00 per litre

6000L @ 0.5% dilution = R16,50 per litre

R99 000

Virol-Oxy 1kg

100L @  1.0% dilution = R39,99 per litre

200L @ 0.5% dilution = R19,99 per litre

R3 999

Virol-Oxy 60kg

6000L @  1.0% dilution = R28,33 per litre

12000L @ 0.5% dilution = R14,17 per litre

R170 000

Virol-Oxy 10kg

1000L @  1.0% dilution = R36,99 per litre

2000L @ 0.5% dilution = R18,50 per litre

R36 990

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