Virol-Oxy® has used in over 40 countries worldwide to combat the novel Coronavirus (including China's Wuhan City as well as parts of Europe during the peaks of their outbreaks.)

Why Virol-Oxy®?

Virol-Oxy® is an advanced surface disinfectant that is highly effective against viruses (including the Coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19) It is elaborated and manufactured by Watch Water, a German company specialised in water treatments and water-based disinfectants

  • Highly effective against viruses (including the Coronavirus strain responsible for COVID-19), bacteria, spores, and fungi.

  • It has been EU Certified (EN 14476 & EN 13727) and independently expert tested by HYGCEN Germany as effective against Coronavirus.

  • Fast, Easy to use and store.

  • Solution of Virol-Oxy® is non-irritant to skin and eyes

  • Virol-Oxy® is chlorine and alcohol free.

  • Virol-Oxy® can replace all existing disinfectants. Its fast acting. Works in minutes.

  • Suitable & extremely effective hand sanitiser

  • Immediately effective & suitable for all hard surfaces & equipment disinfection: doors, windows, knobs, benches, trolleys, floors, baths, sinks, complete kitchen jars & tools, beds, bed sheets & more (1% solution) 

  • Raw meat, vegetables & fruits can be washed with a 0.5% solution

  • Virol-Oxy® is ideal for commercial use and is suitable for atomising, fogging and misting at 0.5%.   

  • It is suitable for all surfaces from glazed tiles to fabrics. 

  • Safe (no toxic vapor, no hypochlorite), Convenient, Easy-to-use & Environmentally Friendly

  • Virol-Oxy® Ships in powder form and therefore does not involve shipping 99% water, it's mix on site

  • 1kg is dissolved in 100L of normal water for use, providing 100L of highly effective 1% solution

  • Highly-effective & advanced formulated surface disinfectant to sanitise your home or workplace from viruses like Coronavirus / COVID-19 ​​​

It remains active for up to 30 days after application.

Kills 99.99% of Covid-19

1kg of Virol-Oxy® =  100Litres of cost effective surface disinfectant / hand sanitizer @ 1% solution.   


1kg of Virol-Oxy® =  200Litres of cost effective fogging solution @ 0.5%.   


1kg of Virol-Oxy® =  1000Litres of cost effective disinfection tunnels / sanitising booths solution @ 0.1%. 

Available in 1kg / 5kg / 10kg / 60kg / 300kg and 1000kg units. 

** Bulk discounts available.

Virol-Oxy® is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that has self-cleaning capabilities to destroy all known Viral families and at the same time also kills bacteria, fungi and mold. 

Virol-Oxy® technology is based on High Oxidation Potential with numerous advantages over all other disinfectants available in the market.

Virol-Oxy® is the only safe disinfectant/ sanitizer that is not only chlorine-free, but has been scientifically proven to be five times more effective than any chlorine based product, based on its Superior Oxidation Potential​

Virol-Oxy® is a stabilized and balanced blend of powdered Hydrogen peroxide and Crystalline Titanium dioxide (Titansorb P) compounds, surfactant and organic buffer chemistry with an exceptional safety profile.  It can attain 100% virus oxidation and micro-organisms inactivation.

Virol-Oxy® is based upon an advanced titanium-based catalytic mechanism that generates sulphate and hydroxy free radicals with a superior oxidation potential.

Virol-Oxy® is the first disinfectant in the world to have three key properties:

  •       Cleaning and self-cleaning

  •       Disinfection

  •       Surface protection coating

Virol-Oxy®: Where to use



Virol-Oxy® solution can be easily disposed into any sewage.

Shelf Life

Store in cool, humidity-controlled conditions, shelf life is three years from date of manufacture. Container must be tightly re-sealed to preserve stainless integrity of powder.

One percent (1%) Solution:

  • Non-irritant to eyes

  • Non-irritant to skin

  • Non-toxic

Virol-Oxy®: How to use

Virol-Oxy® is used as a solution for spraying, swabbing, rubbing and immersing surfaces for disinfection.

Soak stainless steel utensils, pre-soaking of bedding and laundry before washing.

Virol-Oxy® arrives in powder form.  Simply dilute by adding 1 tablespoon to a 1 Litre spray bottle.

To prepare a one percent (1%) solution, use the relevant volume of lukewarm water.

Add the appropriate amount of Virol-Oxy® and stir until the powder has dissolved, leaving a clear red solution.

To prepare a 1% solution, mix 10 grams of Virol-Oxy® with 1 litre of water, or 100 grams with 10 litres, or 1kg with 100 litres.

A Virol-Oxy® 1% solution is stable for up to 10 days.

Spray surfaces with Virol-Oxy® prepared solution, leave for 10 minutes and wipe over with a paper towel. All equipment, working places at home and office should be disinfected frequently, at least once a day with Virol-Oxy® solution. 

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