ULV Foggers


Reliable and powerful 35 000rpm AC induction motor and fan create very small droplets, 15-30 microns, using a vortical shear nozzle.

The fine doplets remain airborne for an extended period of time and are dispersed over an extensive area by the powerful air outlet at the nozzle.

The U260 has an extendable hose for extra convenience and making hard to reach areas easy to fog.

ULV U240
ULV U260
Benefits of ULV U240/U260
  • Casing is made from flame retardant Polyamide.

  • Portable, with comfortable carry strap.

  • Long Reach use with 5m cable.

  • 5 Litre Solution tank is easily refilled and cleaned.

  • Uniform and significant fogging distance upto 12m.

  • 50 - 70 Hours of fogging 200 Litres.

Droplet Size
U240 ULV Fogging Machine + 1KG Virol-Oxy®  (200 Litres of Fogging Solution) @ R17 999
U260 ULV Fogging Machine + 1KG Virol-Oxy®  (200 Litres of Fogging Solution) @ R18 999
Benefits of the FOGGER LITE
  • Maximum power 1200W.

  • Portable, with 4.7m wire cord.

  • Spray flow : 150-260ml / min.

  • Spray Distance 5 - 8 m.

  • Fog Droplet : 0-30 microns  (adjustable).

  • 4.5 Litre solution tank. 

ULV Fogging Machine LITE + 1KG Virol-Oxy®  (200 Litres of Fogging Solution) @ R13 499
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