Thermal Foggers 

  • This is a robust machine, easy to operate and to maintain.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel.

  • It is capable of dispersing disinfectants, insecticides and fungicides in a variety of locations such as residences, offices, warehouses, greenhouses, farms, poultry houses, factories, silos and more.

  • It can dispense both water and oil based chemicals, such as most disinfectants, pesticides and fungicides. 

  • All seals, gaskets, and diaphragm in contact with chemicals solution are made of Teflon and Viton,

  • No spark plug ignition, quick start-up, less maintenance. 

  • 2 starting systems, an automatic and pumping system.

  • Equipped with a precision regulating valve adjust flow rate, no need change install different diameter nozzle for control flow rate.

  • Perfect for public health protection and sanitation professionals

Technical Specification

  • Weight, empty 7.9 kg

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 1370x270x315 mm

  • Chemical tank capacity 5 L

  • Fuel tank capacity 1.5 L

  • Fuel consumption 1.5 L/h

  • Performance of combustion chamber 18.6 Kw / 25.2 Hp

  • Flow rate 8-44 L/h

  • Battery electricity  4 x 1.5V

  • Pressure in chemical tank 0.25 bar

  • Pressure in fuel tank 0.06 bar

TS-35A  Thermal Fogging Machine + 1KG Virol-Oxy®  (200 Litres of Fogging Solution) @ R26 999

This powerful thermal fogger is the best in its class.  

Designed for dispersing disinfectant, sanitizing and for use with pesticides. 

Reliable, easy to maintain in the field and its ergonomic, balanced, light-weight design reduces operator fatigue.

Unique ability to thermal mist water-based chemicals for indoor applications.

Converts your liquid disinfectant into fine droplets like mist.

This is very effective as the entire surface is sanitized and no areas are missed.

Simple and accurate to operate.

Petrol operated and fitted with two carburetors and a unique automatic start up system.

Simple and easy to operate formulation control valve.

Best weight to performance characteristics in the market by delivering 18.9Kw at only 8.9kg.

Technical Specification

  • Weight, empty 8.9 kg

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 22 x 33 cm

  • Chemical tank capacity 6.5 L

  • Fuel tank capacity 1.5 L

  • Fuel consumption 1.5 L/h

  • Power Supply 6V DC Rechargeable battery

  • Engine  18.9 Kw / 25.9 Hp

  • Flow rate 0-20 L/h

  • Droplet Size 10 - 50 microns

BLUE BIRD  Thermal Fogging Machine + 1KG Virol-Oxy®  (200 Litres of Fogging Solution) @ R31 999
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